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ROTOЯ is a commissioned-work that was premiered at the SAT Montreal in cooperation with the 20th edition of MUTEK Festival Montreal in August 2019.

The piece’s center of attention is a rotating / kinetic sound-sculpture, the Rotor. It is a variation of Kutin’s TORSO#1 (winner of Ars electronica’s golden Nica for digital music & soundart in 2019) and has been realised in cooperation with Mathias Lenz (engineer) and Patrik Lechner (video-programming). The Rotor is equipped with a four channel speakersystem and a 360° camera. The artists control the speed of it’s rotation which directly influences the projected video-images as well as the sound-characteristics and the perception of the object itself.  Acceleration & deceleration become main parameters, which enables the artists to compose an otherworldly piece that seems to follow it’s own logic. A strange communication between audio, video, object and light establishes itself and seduces the audience. There is the hypnotic movement of the sculpture while inevitable auditory and visual feedback is used as a central aesthetic element: The rotating speakers are amplified by static microphones, provoking complex feedback loops and patterns, that trigger psychoacoustic sensations.
In Montreal’s SAT, which features an 360° video-projection as well as an Ambisonic surround-system, the Rotor was positioned in the center with the audience surrounding it.
As an inspiration the artists refer to Paul Virilios Dromology, describing speed itself, the metaphorical racetrack, as a central element of society, media and warfare.

‘Brilliant show from Patrik Lechner and Peter Kutin last night. What the dome was made for.’ TOUCH DESIGNER



BKA, SAT Montreal, MA7-Vienna




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