‘Ich such im Schnee vergebens nach ihrer Tritte Spur’  | ‘In vain, I search for her traces in the snow.’
/// Wilhelm Müller’s lyrics from ‘Erstarrung / Winterreise’,
/// composed by Franz Schubert in 1827


HEAT makes the warmth that arises when instruments are being played visible. 
By means of a very sensitive thermal-imaging camera, that registers temperature-fluctuations from 0.05°, kutin|kindlinger were able to create an optical bridge to a phenomenon that is not tangible in itself. Variations in the temperature of the respective instrument were used as the basis for the composition and the techniques that were developed for playing the instruments in order to achieve an image-sound relation that has the power to seduce us. Harmonically, the sounds all relate to the measures 7 to 11 of Schubert’s song Erstarrung from his world-famous song-cycle Winterreise (1827) – maybe one of the coldest pieces of music history (considered that Erstarrung translates as Freeze). The ensemble consists – recently only in this AV Version, not live yet – of Matthias Loibner (hurdy-gurdy), Manu Mayr (double bass), Igor Gross (percussion), Maiken Beer (cello) and the two artists themselves (div. percussions, rice pipes, field recordings and arrangement). First public presentations will happen at Sonia Festival (Ljubliana) as a three channel AV Installation and at the Impuls Concert-Series (Graz) in Autumn 2020 as single screen AV projection. More tba.


The project was kindly supported by SKE-Fonds, MA7-Kultur, BKA Sektion Film, Land Salzburg and the company Infra-Tech.

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