PULP (2018)

Premier : November 11th @ DOTOLIMPIC, Soul (Korea)


Chilean eucalyptus plantations are the source material for this work. Eucalyptus is not native to Chile. For the corresponding plantations, large parts of the jungle are cleared and reforested as monoculture.
The corresponding areas of land are then virtually dead. Due to the high water consumption of the trees, the soil erodes, the essential oils of the plant overacidify and poison the underground. There are hardly any insects and as a result the food chain ends there. One does not hear any birds on the recordings, in fact there are no animals at all.

A dead forest that sinks into silence?

The plants are set in an extremely narrow grid because of their purpose as timber. As a result, they collide with each other in the wind and their branches rub against each other. The resulting sounds are reminiscent in their characteristic style of murmuring or whimpering creatures.

The piece is a multimedia composition with a strong focus on the material itself. The process of pulp production, in which existing structures are dissolved and subsequently reorganized, becomes the central theme of the work and the starting point for the compositional arrangement. Photo and video material was recorded on site, using special cameras that reach beyond whats noticeable by the human perceptual organs: UV and infrared light.
The idea was to establish an abstract level for our senses as a starting point from which to explore what lies behind it.
The corresponding photographs are transposed into the area perceived by humans and subsequently subjected to various additional processing until they once again largely correspond to our visual habits.
The respective visual processing parameters are always applied identically to the sound material which leads to exciting, aggressive appearing non-linear distortion effects in the sound material due to the different spectral characteristics of the materials.

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Staff / Support :
concept & arrangement : Kutin|Kindlinger
camera : UMZ
video animation : Florian Kindlinger
sound: Kutin|Kindlinger

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