Is a kinetic soundsculpture created by Peter Kutin in 2018
It is based on a rotating quadrophonic setup with feedback loops.
Premiered in October 2018 at Unsafe+Sounds Festival
Visitors described their concertexperience as being exposed to an expanded dreammachine

Four 100 Volt speakers rotate in a circle with a diameter of 2,5 meters.
By amplifying these rotating speakers via microphones into a quadrophonic PA-system that’s set up around the audience the sonic signals and emissions travel through the room in an unfamiliar,strange and multidimensional manner. Rotation speed, acceleration and amount of feedback become main parameters for this instrument that immediately structures the space and seduces the listeners… an immersive feeling is established, where bizarre movements of sonic fractals, feedback-patterns and noise bursts provoke otoacoustic emissions and other auditory illusions and will reach hallucinatory and lucid moments due to Torso’s flickering and pulsating lights.



thx to
– my technical supervisor genius Matthias Lenz
– the SKE Fonds for support
– unsafe+sounds festival for the invitation
– Oskar Kutin for helping out with tools and skills

The material was filmed by Johannes Gierlinger and Peter Kutin.
Photographs are © David Visnjič and Igor Ripak.
Sound Recorded by Peter Kutin at unsafe & sounds festival, norbahnhalle – vienna on the 2nd of october 2018.