Basic material : var. impacts on and inside a a pane of bulletproof glass

Forms of presentation / live-set vary depending on the given situation ;
The piece premiered as AV-show at LUFF in 2017.
It will be released as double LP in January 2018 on VENTIL-RECORDS.
download/preview a PDF about the upcoming release.

vlcsnap-2017-04-19-11h13m19s713Central Soundsource of to the piece is a bulletproof glass pane measuring 3m x 2m, of a weight of 400kg. Inside an abandoned warehouse complex, this glass has undergone major physical impacts that forced a structural destruction inside the glass, but didn’t brake it entirely. For the fourth part of their DECOMPOSITION series the duo kutin | kindlinger recorded only waves, which were transmitted through the glass pane while being exposed to these forces.


The image above depicts the first object – a wrecking ball – hitting the glass. kutin | kindlinger employed special microphones (accelerators) originally designed as sensors for use in crash tests of cars. These tools, with superior capabilities in comparison to standard microphones, detected a myriad of unique textures within the infra- and the ultrasonic field, frequencies that reside beyond the range of the human aural perception. DECOMPOSITION IV is striclty based on these signals: sonic fragments that document a process of vast physical destruction. What we hear on the upcoming album is still music (the Variations), which has clear tangents with different genres, but sets its own unique mood and intonation. Not easy to handle and challenging at times, but rewarding and full of surprises in the end.
Metaphorically, kutin | kindlinger view the glass pane as a display. The titles on the album refer to our society, which is intrinsically linked to the screen and somehow lost in the labyrinth of information. The music’s sometimes aggressive sonic gestures and its dramaturgical development guarantee that the listener will feel insecure at points. As kutin | kindlinger state – and rightly so – DECOMPOSITION IV is a piece about the impossibility of safety. Here, destruction was  the sound evoking trigger.





Images from the live premiere at LUFF 2017
(Photo : Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival © Alex Nguyen)