The DECOMPOSITION SERIES deals with sonic signals that usually remain undetected by our limited senses. A human ear only catptures 20000 different frequencies (at least in it’s beginning). A human eye is too slow to register movements of higher speed. These limitations have probably been established to our brain’s benefit. But technical developments, their unintended use or their modification can help us overcome this natural barriers and experience what is found beyond our human threshold. Often this zones can be threatening as well as surprisingly beautiful.
Each of the Decompositions are strictly restricted to one subject / location / object – meaning that only the material found and recorded there – the incoherent sonic structures and textures – have to be used to finally create an immersive piece at the end. Since kutin | kindlinger use the unheard to compose, they decided to name this process : decomposition.

Till now four parts were realised :

I – Atacama Desert (sound of human relicts and traces with the driest region on earth)
II – A glacial Crevasse (amplification of the room-resonances inside a glacial crevasse)
III – The Strip in Las Vegas (electromagnetic fields of neon signs, LED …. various light sources found along the strip)
IV – A bulletproof glas pane (Sounds emitted inside the glas while being destroyed)
DECOMPOSITION I-III has been released as double LP on Ventil-Records.
The release of DECOMPOSITION IV will happen in January 2018.
Part V and VI are in the pipeline and will be realised throughout 2018.
Live performances happen regularly, just check.