SPECTRAL CITIES with Christina Kubisch

Spectral Cities is a collaboration of Christina Kubisch, Peter Kutin & Florian Kindlinger.

A space-spanning AVL composition, based on different spectral levels found in times of high frequency technology and digital media. In-perceivable signals are translated into the realm of human perception; electromagnetic fields are made audible, the continuous pulsation of alternating current become visible, as well as the heat emitted by an orchestra. The cloud of ubiquitous communication channels appears as a sonic texture, various light sources are turned into instruments. Spectral Cities is a reference to various congested areas around the globe. Even though there is a vast diversity of signals and an continuously changing perspective, the piece reminds us clearly of the fragile state the overloaded system we live in can be found at the moment. Geographically dispersed  doesn’t mean it is not connected : Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Seoul, Vienna, Antananarivo, Lagos, Beijing, Tokyo or Shanghai …

8 + 9.12.2018 | HeK , Basel
12.12.2018 | Cave12 , Geneva

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