A collaboration by Christina Kubisch, Peter Kutin & Florian Kindlinger.


Spectral Cities is a space-filling arrangement of audio-video and lightsources, performed live by the three artists. It explors different levels of spectral density in an age of information overload, high frequency technology, and ubiquitous digital media.

The sounds used in this live multimedia performance refer to various congested areas around the globe where the artists have worked, travelled, or lived since the beginning of the 21st century. Christina Kubisch has been working with light and electromagnetic fields for decades, while Kutin and Kindlinger’s work has previously explored various (hidden) acoustic territories. By using extended field recording and filming techniques, layers of our reality that stay usually imperceptible to humans are translated into the realm of our limited senses. We see lights pulsate rather than shine seamlessly, we hear electromagnetic fields and how we move through them, we see the heat produced by an orchestra…
Despite its vast diversity of signals and a continuously evolving perspective, the piece reminds us of the fragile state in which we currently find our overloaded and increasingly hard-to-navigate system. On the other hand, it demonstrates how being geographically dispersed doesn’t mean being unconnected: Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Seoul, Vienna, Antananarivo, Lagos, Beijing, Tokyo or Shanghai.

SPECTRAL CITIES leads the audiences into their own imaginations, triggering stereotypes that can be found deep down in all of our subconsciousness – it’s how wrong or blurry these may be that creates a connection.

8 + 9.12.2018 | HeK , Basel
12.12.2018 | Cave12 , Geneva
21.04.2019 | Kunstradio Ö1, broadcast of a radiophonic-version
24.04.2019 | reihe m, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne
27.04.2019 | Stadtgalerie, Saarbrücken

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words by Tristan Bath

Spectral Cities is supported by the SKE Fonds & BKA

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