Desert Sound (2013)

Synopsis :
A film almost without images captures forgotten or mainly unheard sounds inside the atacama desert, the driest region on earth. A place atagnostic to human lives, therefore offering natural darkness, as artificial light-sources are far away, which makes it one of the world’s best spots to observe the universe – and experts do so with gigantic high-tech telescopes they are looking deep into the universe, deep into history … where it becomes clear that everything we did will be erased at one point, it’s just a matter of time…
….listen to the video / composition with headphones or highquality speakers is recommended. Sound can sometimes tell much more than our visual perception . images can be limiting . that’s why this film features only a few .

Screenings – as Audiovisual piece (no cinema version):

Donaufestival / Krems / 2015
NK / Berlin / 2014
Ausland / Berlin / 2014
Akademie der Künste / Berlin / 2014
New Edits Festival / Klagenfurt / 2014
Galerie 5020 / Salzburg / 2016
Velak-Gala / Wien / 2013

Awards :
Special Jury Mention / PIARS Soundart-Awards 2013


Staff :
concept & arrangement & camera : Kutin|Kindlinger
additional field-recordings by Fernando Godoy
production assistance : Alina Sklenicka
images : U.M.Z.

Support :
Land Steiermark, Land Salzburg, SKE Fonds, Stadt Wien

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