The Fifth Wall (2017)

Austrian premier : June 1st @ VIS Filmfestival, Vienna (Gartenbaukino)
World premier : October 6th @ Festival du nouveau cinéma / FNC , Montreal

Central to the piece is a bulletproof glass pane measuring 3x2m, of a weight of 400kg, which has undergone extreme physical forces, the impacts of which created cracks and cuts that emitted sonic through the material.
As an object it represents the omnipresent displays of our time; this wall made of glass  is put between the audience and the camera – it becomes a cinematic metaphor for a society intrinsically linked to the screen. In times of fragmentation and acceleration, side products of the so called digital revolution, we live more and more through abstraction.

A fifth wall has risen and can no longer be ignored.

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Staff :
concept & arrangement : Kutin|Kindlinger
camera : Martin Putz
video animation : Conny Zenk
voice : Anat Stainberg
production assistance : Alina Sklenicka
additional camera : Andreas Haider, Robert Hack
colors : Andi Winter
flame-thrower operator : Andi Dusatko
sniper : Anonymos
support : Land Steiermark, Land Salzburg, SKE Fonds, Stadt Wien, BKA