GEN XIIIX (2019)

GENXIIIX is a parable – an emergence of paradox dialectics.
The tower was completed after all. People have built to the stars and found the lost language again. It is digital. The sky has lost its innocence.Nowadays constellations are man-made. They tell the myth of the machines that bring salvation. Belief in progress and nostalgia intertwine.Old slogans that were believed to be outdated are topical again, are dug up – like the dead. We are growing beyond ourselves again. The apotheosis as alienation.

No manifesto:
Upright on the summit of the world we hurl our challenge towards the stars.

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Staff / Support :
concept & arrangement : Kutin|Kindlinger
camera : Martin Putz, UMZ, Florian Kindlinger
video animation : Florian Kindlinger
voice : Theodor W. Adorno (cloned)
sound : Florian Kindlinger
colors : Andi Winter
support : Land Steiermark, Land Salzburg, Stadt Wien, BKA

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