II. E# – from a glacial tune

The resonance frequencies of a crevasse are made audible, following Alvin Lucier’s concept of his famous piece I am sitiing in a room. Therefore, kutin|kindlinger set up a powerful speaker and several microphones directly inside a crevasse in 3200 Meters height in the Alps of Stubai, Austria. They made the glacier resonate and drone inside it’s glacial tunnels, cracks and paths…

Dramaturgically the piece goes beyond a sound-phenomenological concept, it is a medial transformation. A multichannel composition (not an installation) for sound and video/light, which’s score is based on the true story of a 72 year old mountaineer who fell into such a crevasse and was rescued after sitting on one spot in complete darkness for six days and nights.

live-projections :
22.03.2014_E# premier at AUSLAND / Berlin
31.05.2014_DesertSound & E# @ ECHORAUM / Vienna
25.05.2014_E# cinematic version @ 25fps Film festival / Graz
06.09.2014_E# @ vienna ROOMSERVICE FESTIVAL – PORGY&BESS/ Vienna
20.03.2015_E# cinematic version @ DIagonale Filmfestival / Graz
26.04.2015_DECOMPOSITION TRILOGY (UA) @ Donaufestival / Krems
27.06.2015_E# cinematic version @ EIFF – Ednigburgh Film Festival / Edingburgh
04.06.2016_Heart of noise Festival / Innsbruck

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