III. Illusion

Next to gambling, Las Vegas primarily brought electricity and artificial light into the natural darkness of the Nevadan desert. DECOMPOSITION III is based on a layer of urban reality that usually stays unrecognized for  human ears: the electromagnetic fields related to the neon-signs, light emissons, LED- walls, etc…

Together with German composer Christina Kubisch, kutin|kindlinger translated the sound of light-sources into the auditive spectrum. Along with other field-recordings and flickering images of light-emitting sources the piece unfolds as an intense and obscure symphony of alternating current. All sounds where recorded along the Las Vegas Strip –  a street in a city that celebrates artificial light with such an intensity and crazyness that it even makes a desert glow in the dark.

The radio-work that was also created as one of the results of this project won the Karl-Sczuka-award at the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2016.








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