A cinematic composition for double-bass, percussions, violoncello, hurdy-gurdy and thermal imagery.
The film is distributed by Sixpack-Films

The difference between past and future only exists when there is heat.
The fundamental phenomenon that distinguishes the future from the past
is the fact that heat passes from things that are hotter to things that are colder.
/// (Carlo Rovelli)

HEAT is the sixth cinematic production of the artist duo Peter Kutin and Florian Kindlinger. Through the misappropriated use of modern image and sound recording technology, HEAT enables an unusual and completely unknown view behind the facades and into the spaces between the facades of a classical orchestra.
Musicians* in the StudioDan ensemble are recorded with a special high-tech thermal imaging camera, revealing areas that are actually beyond human perception because our eyes are not capable of registering temperature fluctuations. From the recorded material, which is created in close cooperation with the musicians*, kutin | kindlinger composed and arranged an abstract short film, which evokes and makes the spirit and the unknowns within the “machine” orchestra experienceable. By means of a thermal imaging camera it is possible to visualize minimal temperature fluctuations and to record residual heat. If one looks at the laws of thermodynamics, to which the above quotation also refers, it becomes clear that change is always accompanied by the generation of heat. James Maxwell’s famous Demon, the spirit in the machine, is poetically revealed.
This somehow mysterious heat-images that are generated during playing thus becomes an essential parameter of the piece. It is about the change from cold to warmer conditions and vice versa. After playing, it is possible to see on the instruments how the heat evaporates again after the instrument is put down. So it is also about what is left behind, the residual heat, the intangible energy. What is released by the musical act? Has anything changed? What remains behind?

‘Ich such im Schnee vergebens nach ihrer Tritte Spur’  | ‘In vain, I search for her traces in the snow.’
/// Wilhelm Müller’s lyrics from ‘Erstarrung / Winterreise’,
/// composed by Franz Schubert in 1827


Musicians :
Matthias Loibner : Hardy-Gurdy
Maiken Beer : Violoncello
Meaghan Burke : Violoncello
Manu Mayer : Double-Bass
Igor Gross : Percussions
kutin | kindlinger : Piano

The cinematic project and development was kindly supported by BKA-Sektion Film, MA7- Film, SKE Fonds, Land Salzburg. Thank you.

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